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Encyclopedia of NanoScience and NanoTechnology

Encyclopedia of NanoScience and NanoTechnology with its motto:
Recording and Contextualizing the NanoScience and NanoTechnology
is a peer-reviewed, in-depth Internet accessible, open access and free of charge encyclopedia directed to individuals at all levels in academic and industrial ranks including students, doctoral students, postdocs, and professors. All entries in Encyclopedia of NanoScience and NanoTechnology are written by invitation by professional authorities and these entries have been scholarly peer-reviewed by at least two peers. All entries are continuously updated with new advances in a given topic.

In summary Encyclopedia of NanoScience and Nanotechnology have the following subsections:

  1. Encyclopedia of NanoScience and NanoTechnology - in-depth, peer-reviewed and free access Internet Encyclopedia,
  2. - pronounced Nano Archive dot org – is a repository of electronic pre-prints of scientific papers, reports, and reviews in the field of NanoScience and NanoTechnology,
  3. Books Reviews, Editorials and Point of Views - monitoring of new developments,
  4. Conferences, Meetings, and Schools - international exchange and learning,
  5. Opportunities, Jobs, Fellowships - advertising board supporting young fellow researchers,
  6. Instruments and Technical Progress - commercial companies presentations and instrumental advances.
  7. Who's Who - concise biographical and scientific information about researchers in NanoSciecne and NanoTechnology.